Monday, July 17, 2017

Summer Bales Battisford

Summer Bales Battisford,
Monotype: Akua ink on Heritage 315 Gm paper,
10 x cm mini print 

From inside my studio I hear farm machinery whirring and wonder whether it's the wheat behind the studio being cut or our neighbour doing his hedges. I try not to get distracted. I am making a monotype of earlier in the year when they baled the hay.  I feel the pinky light of morning and the yellow-chartreuse of the little bit of grass left behind.  Trees on the side of the field cast long shadows across. The oak tree is almost inky blue.

I'm not going to be around for the Inspired by Becker show this year . But, I did happen upon a show of Harry Becker's work while in London on Friday: Reading about Becker and looking at his work has shown me the magic of the Suffolk landscape and helped me to feel connected to it.  As I make mini prints I want to share the Suffolk I know.

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