Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Discovering snow light

23 x 23 cm (framed) fused plastic on paper with paint and stitching

23 x 23 cm (framed) fused plastic on paper with paint and stitching

30 x 40 cm (framed) paint on book pages

I'm getting work ready for the upcoming Freudian Sheep exhibition that opens on the 5th of December, COLD. We had a little dusting of snow the other day and have had some hard frosts that bleached the grass and created the orangey-pink sky that is peculiar to the cold and I've been thinking about that.  I've just glued the work to board and I'm hoping that solves the wrinkles… if not will have to take apart and reassemble differently. 

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Scale, Shape and Versions

Late Dahlias, pastel on paper, 6 x 6" 

Late Dahlias V2  pastel on paper, 19.5 x  28 "
It's fascinating to see these next to each other on the same scale!  The top drawing (more than three times smaller) was made first and is complete.  The bottom drawing is not complete yet because the light faded and I could no longer see what I was drawing, so needed to stop. I made the first drawing, intending to use it to make a bigger piece. I began the second drawing by working from the first drawing, using many of the same colours, but I worked upside down. Once I had the gesture and the basic colours laid down I began working from life, the right way up. Because the second drawing was bigger than the first I needed to work on a table and the table was lower than my plein air easel, I was a bit further back too.  I hadn't made my mind up about whether I was going to cut the larger paper to a square.  In the end it worked to use the whole thing.

Here is the finished drawing, which has been pre-selected for the Mall Galleries Pastel Society exhibition!