Saturday, December 3, 2016

Two more from the Radio 3 series

My winter open studio was lots of fun!  I had a decent crowd of enthusiastic supporters on the preview evening and a couple of handfuls over the other two days. The most exciting thing was that all four of the framed pieces from the Radio 3 series sold!  These are the other two I framed. 

I 'curated' the show by putting words near the 'exhibits' This is what I said about the radio 3 fused plastic collage and stitch pieces:

Although I love to draw in black and white, colour makes my heart sing.  I feel that I solve problems while I am doing other things, so I began to wonder how what I listen to might influence what I am making.  This series of fused plastic collages were made while actively listening to Radio Three.  Radio 3 – I and II began with a Bella Bartok piece. What I found was that my process is longer than a piece of music, obviously, and in the end the fused plastic piece demands what it needs, so I begin to actively not listen. I would like to explore this further, perhaps looping music and actively listening throughout.