Friday, June 17, 2016

Monotype and landscape

It is one of those grey overcast days and this morning while walking Lyra, it was even a bit foggy. 
The hedges were grey-green and milky. This is the first day this week when I have had a whole day to work so I decided to make monotypes, responding to the local Suffolk landscape.  One of the chapters I read in the Degas book was about versions and how Degas used the monotype to experiment with different versions of an idea, or to progress through ideas. What's nice is that at the end of the print run I had three very different experiences of the landscape recorded.

I was tied to the bleached colour I saw, though, so in response I collected my effusive bouquet of roses that I cut yesterday evening.  I found a recipe online for making your own special sauce so that flowers last a little longer: 1 t bleach, 1 t sugar, 2 t lemon juice + water. So far it's a success and the resulting monotype satisfies me more than the landscape monotypes!  You will notice that I used lots of the colours I'd already mixed for the landscapes. I didn't wet the paper and I think these Akua colours are fab!
Smell the Roses, monotype - Akua Intaglio on paper, 10 x 15cm

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Inspired by Degas and Becker

Light on shoulder, Monotype Akua intaglio on paper , 10 x 15cm

Light on Hip, Monotype Akua intaglio on paper  10 x 15cm

I am reading the book from the MOMA exhibit in NY, A Strange New Beauty, (which is a catalogue with essays about a show on Degas' monotypes) after receiving a postcard about the exhibit from a friend. I have always made monotypes this way but seeing Degas 'experiments' has made me want to explore my method and beyond anew. I used a toothbrush, a rag, Qtips and the back of my brush to make marks.  I forgot my brayer , my water bottle and my release agent when I went to my life drawing group so made do with what I had and rubbed the back of the paper with a wooden spoon.  I made a few other prints, but these were the most satisfying and successful.  They were both drawn 'backwards' so the resulting image is as I saw things.

Afternoon light on birdbath, Monotype Akua intaglio on paper with pastel, 10 x 15cm
In the afternoon, it was splattering with rain so I stood under the front porch with my plein air easel and my water-based ink.  I couldn't find the release agent (I have now) or the transparent base but I did have my brayer so I worked removing the black to indicate the light. I worked backwards and had to move the flower beds a bit closer than they really are to I could get it all on the plate. In the evening I added some pastel and returned to it today when there was a bit of sun.

I've joined a group: 'Inspired by Becker' and want to make a seires of works capturing Suffolk light in the landscape with energetic marks.

Open Studio 2016

The first weekend of Open Studios 2016 was a joy! More than twenty friends and new visitors came for a look around the studio and to see my work. the conversations were interesting and different people had different favourites.  I am fortunate to have sold a few frame pieces too. 

If you haven't been before,  this view is one wall of my hanging system. There are two more... and I have three boxes of work by the window on the right.