Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Exploring Scale

Recently I was commissioned to make a bigger painting based on one of my smaller drawings. I approached this by drawing, but drawing bigger. Working much bigger 60 x 60 instead of 6 x 6 with pastels was a fascinating process!  It was much more physical and keeping big blocks of colour with small tools was a different challenge. The colour I can get with pastel is so rich and intense.  In the end I didn't make a painting.

This one is also big (50 x 50) and it was a challenge of a different sort.  I wanted to capture the rhythm of light and the mystery of the woods and to share my feeling of the meditative aspect of this space.  When I made the original drawing I was trying to get the detail down in a short space of time. With a bigger version I was trying to remember my feelings and translate them in light.