Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Creative pursuits tend not to be the priority with me.  

I bought a bunch of flowers (snap dragons, an african daisy, some freesias- a mixed bouquet) two weeks ago, hoping that they would be the stimulus I needed to get out materials, clear a space and magic the time to draw.  It's been a bit busy and demanding lately.  The flowers drooped, the next weekend came and I conned myself into thinking I would definitely draw a bouquet of bachelor buttons and stocks.  MY COLOURS.   This morning I noticed that they too were looking tired and felt that pang of disappointment that they were slipping away into anonymity too. On the way back from walking Lyra (the dog) I wandered through my vegetable garden.  I have a cutting area this year and the smell of the stocks was a second reminder. Smell the flowers, make time for creative pursuits, draw the poor stocks!

If you've ever been in our house, for some reason there is red feel and when I arranged the still life, looking through the scullery to the study what I saw were the red tiles and the red rug when I had intended a drawing about the stocks.  

Molly at the museum

Molly has had her work selected by a panel of judges to hang in the Young at Art show at the de Young Museum in San Francisco.  Now that school is almost over for summer vacation, I hope Molly will find time to use her ten objects to make some more beautiful art so that I can feature some more of her work on the blog!