Sunday, October 31, 2010

It's the Big Draw at Bosmere School next Tuesday and I am going in to draw with young people in the school. Rod is a fantastic KS2 teacher who has an Art background and who infuses his approach to teaching with art. The day is his invention. Children will be off timetable and visit drawing stations. I have lots of ideas but I also have lots of kitchen implements that I want to use if I can... It's good to use the same materials in different ways! Figgy has just returned from Ethiopia where she climbed Ras Deshen (Simien mountains). She brought a coffee pot and some salad servers as presents. How could I use those as a stimulus? What material would capture it and appeal to a range of different aged children?

I want to create an experimental station at the Big Draw event that will lead to something different but also they are proud of. String, a pencil and ink... what do you think?