Monday, August 27, 2012

blind drawing

I've lost my glasses so mornings are blurry.  I have been making anew habit of doing 'blind drawings' in the hour or so when I wake up.  They are B & W, using permanent archival ink pens on cartridge paper.  Later I scan and print them and have been working backinto them with colour.  I'm crazy about clear gesso at the moment for its transparency and because it creates such muted colour.
I\ve been doing two every morning and selecting on to use as my mailart. This was the second from the first day and it must have had something splashed on it.  It had a snow like quality so I worked back into it.

With Peter Lloyd-Jones in mind I looked at the kitchen table for inspiration.
I have done a few others but in this one I decided to add something that wasn't really in the view and to use some heightened, perhaps not so naturalistic colour to the image.  Then I nudged the colour a bit more in photoshop.