Friday, September 19, 2014

Summer drawings

Towards Gertmanian House

From Apple Tree

Maine was a fruitful time for drawing! I ordered a new plein air easel that is just like the one I have in England and that provedthe perfect tool for daily drawing.  We had few mosquitos this summer in our garden, so many of my drawings were made there.  In the first few drawings I thought about what Simon Carter does and used what was infront of me to create the mood of the place. And then I was liberated, I don't feel that I need to record what I see with accuracy… I am interested in capturing the feeling of a place, so after a few outings I began to move things around on the paper, to edit and to embellish in a what I hoped would make the place more itself.

Now that I am back, I am using some of the drawings as new starting points for paintings, prints and even other drawings but also am continuing to draw in pastel in the same format. Here in Suffolk I don't have a garden on my doorstep that inspires me the way the Maine garden does, but I do find flowers, interiors and stuff gets me excited, so my motifs are different, and of course I am back to experimenting with plastic!

All drawings are soft pastel on paper (6 x 6).  From Apple Tree was sold at the Artists of Cranberry Isles Exhibit.  You can see more of my garden drawings on pinterest.

Flowers Under Dogwood

Still `life From Clemetis

Election Result Bouquet