Friday, August 2, 2013

15 minute sketches

Bread to bake, so had half an hour spare, en route to drawing.  I purloined this pad and fixed pastel colours on each page with rubbing alcohol just before the timer sounded.  Next the task was to use about 5 pastels to record some part of a scene at the dock, primarily using colour in 15 minutes. I want to do three of these evry day until the book is filled. The pad pages are roughly 4X4.5".

Below a glimpse of what happens at the dock at night, written 31st July, 2013.

Night Swimming in Maine

Limb-tangle of night jumpers
pouring their bodies rapid fire
into the sea.

‘It’s a party down there,’
says the birthday girl,

Light pools on bikini shoulders.
Wring of towel.
Barnacle tiptoe up stairs.

And squeals as water
peels from backs,

We listen from the house
Imagining our smaller frames
Stepping off the dock into the night air.