Monday, March 2, 2009

Dominic's portrait

Dominic shared a portrait he has been working on.  The relationship between people and objects could add an exciting dimension.  Figgy's vanity table objects conjure up a different scenario to Freddie's lego people.  Mmm. Another direction to explore!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Bulbs and other stuff

I had this idea that I would project an image of an object that one of you sent me and incorporate it in an arrangement of some of my own objects.  But it was  typical weekend day and time was at a premium, so I opted for an arrangement that already exists.  This profusion of stuff is more indicative of my life and my house than last week's drawing.  There is little stillness around here.  

Finding my way in the chaos of colour, movement, shape and object was a challenge and it had to fit in with renovating a willow hedge, doing the laundry, the ironing, a trip to Ipswich, not to mention breakfast, lunch and dinner and all that cleaning up. This isn't the final version.  I have put a bit of lavender on the left of the yellow ginger jar to suggest a different edge, and to the left  of the banana is lighter and bluer and more interesting.

Less clutter when I draw again next, I think. When will that be?