Monday, August 22, 2016

Mini Monotypes of Suffolk at the East Anglia Mini Print Exhibition

Delighted that all three of my mini prints were accepted into the East Anglia Mini Print Exhibition which will be held at the new Garage Gallery in Aldeburgh, Suffolk. The exhibition runs from 23-28 September at:

The Garage Gallery
152 The High Street  
Aldeburgh Suffolk

Opening Times
Fri 23  -  11am - 7pm            Mon 26 - 11am - 5pm
Sat 24  -  11 am - 7pm           Tues 27 - 11am - 5pm
Sun 25 -  11am - 4pm            Wed 28 - 11am - 3pm

Lesley Jackson, from Red Dot art consultancy, is curating the exhibition and has a facebook page where you can see more about it here: and a website here:
I think the monotype above will be my mini print for the browser, inspired by a recent visit to Wyken Vineyard.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Lemon and Pomegranate before the rain

Lemon and Pomegranate 24x24cm
They were forcasting rain and strong winds, so I went out and cut three bouquets, knowing that my precious flowers would be battered.  For me, the process of fixing things in colour, light and form is enough.  Once I have done that I can let go and feel no regret.

I gessoed a 25 x 25cm piece of Fabriano on both sides so it would lie flat when I painted a pastel ground over it.  I used a pinky tint. The objects were selected and placed in the way I work when I am collaging abstractly, thinking purely of objects as blocks of colour. I worked from what I saw but I also tried to listen to the image that was appearing.  The left side is not as I saw it but what I think the painting needed. I kept feeling as if I were tightening up and was disappointed that I wasn't responding in the way I had hoped… I am taken by the work of John Bokor at the moment: I am sharing the studio at the moment with our daughter and her friend and I wanted to be painting (where I think I can be a bit freer) but opted to draw instead because it takes less space, etc. Today I found I needed to describe accurately as well as to move around plutting colour down.  That's usually what happens when I haven't been working in a while. In the end I thought Gillian Ayres meets Jane Freilicher, or something.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

No bigger than 10cm challenge

There's an exhibition coming up (The East Anglian Mini Print 2016) in Aldeburgh to coincide with the Food Festival in the Garage Gallery. I have had so much on lately I didn't think I'd submit anything for it, but I have had some reminders and in the end I ordered some teeny tiny plates in the nick of time. I've applied my Inspired By Becker sensibilities to these 10.5 x 7.5 cm monotypes and will work on the 10cm square fomat next to see how that feels.  It's a juried show, so no idea if anything will be selected, but am having fun exploring the very small plate.