Sunday, May 15, 2016

Fitting in a morning drawing while gardening

Kantha with Complementary Beads

Here I am in Maine, with my muse - the island where the mountains meet the sea, and instead of stepping out into the garden, I chose to make a drawing of some other textile and some other beads.  I am with the 'font' of beads and textiles, when with my mother.  I realise that by focusing on her beads I am appropriating her colours too.  Or are these our colours?

It has been so sunny that we've been all hours in the garden: weeding, mulching, raking - perhaps that's why I chose to zero in on the beads? The garden is predominately green, brown and grey, perfect for mark making, but not so interesting for me and my colour studies. I will go out before I return to England, though, perhaps tomorrow!