Sunday, May 3, 2009

Fixing life by drawing

This poem that appeared in Saturday 2nd May Guardian makes me want to find a Chinese bowl and some persimmons to draw. The message is so in keeping with the attitude I have about drawing as a way of fixing something... similar to what my friend Jeni Smith says about keeping a journal. What do you think?


(for Tom)

you must've

those three globes of gorgeous orange

dense and glowing in our winter kitchen


to put coloured-pencil and biro to the

reddest page left in your rainbow sketchbook

and make this drawing of

three persimmons in that Chinese bowl.

the supermarket flagged them up as

this season's sharon fruit

but we prefer persimmon (for

didn't it seem the rose of

their other name

would neither taste or sound as sweet,

would be a fruit of quite

another colour?)

such strange fruit ... we bit and ate,


before we did you drew them.

- oh you'd say so what ?

(drawing, to you, is as everyday as apples)

but I know

they'd have come and gone like Christmas

if you'd not put them down

and made them worth more than the paper

they're inscibed on - see

those deft strokes of

aquamarine and white that

make our table-top lie flat, the fruits

plump out real and round and 

perfectly persimmon-coloured

upon their lilac shadows in the bowl's deep-

still life

still life, sweetheart,
in what's already eaten and done with.

now, looking, I can taste again.

Liz Lochhead

In terms of drawing I haven't made enough space to do it regularly (again). Last night I was particularly tired but caught a glimpse of these three swans that my mother (rather tongue in cheek) collected for me because I wanted to bring an object back with me from my trip that I took there - to celebrate/commemorate/remind me. Swans are what I observed most, so it seemed to be the obvious reminder.

I include the sketch as an invitation to everyone to send us more examples of what you are creating. It is the sort of thing I would probably tear out of my sketch book so I wouldn't have to look at it any more... but something is better than nothing and who knows where it will lead?