Thursday, January 28, 2016

painting and drawing beads and textiles

Oil on paper 7 x 7"

Not long ago I prepared some heavy paper by gessoing it a few times on the front and back.  some time later I put some leftover turquoise green oil paint onto it.  Today I retrieved that and cut an 7 x 7" piece to see what would happen if I painted instead of drew today in my current series. The colours and materials of my set up were not harmonious in the way they have been to date. What I mean is, there were was a wider range of colour and value.  Infact half of what I chose to work from was black. and if Ihave one object that confounds me, it is that little yellow ginger jar.  It has a way of distorting.  When I started I thought I'd just do some quick oil sketches but I got interested in the paint surface.

Below is another of the bead series in pastel. I admired my neighbour's pashmina and she lent it to me to inspire and complement the beads.  In addition there is a bit of my son's african trousers and a silk skirt I found in cahrity shop.

pastel on paper 6 X 6"

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