Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Fusepo story

In this house newly discovered plastic provides speculation, discovery and sometimes new ideas. We've had a few barbecues lately (the weather is amazing at the moment) and with a different range of food comes different packaging, different plastic.  I also thought to use bag seams. While we've enjoyed the summer evenings , I've had even less time with my iron, my paints, my glue stick.  In one stolen evening I tested a few new plastics and incorporated the paste papers I have been making. 

The interplay between images and words, always there for me, came out differently here.

A day without clouds

A day without clouds in the rearview mirror.
Some after image of museum trays,
lost objects catching light through dust.
I turn the mirror slowly refracting the angle
to configure a hedge, pond repetitions,
embers burning their opaque blue.
The whole androgyny of twilight or morn
dappled in moons.  And then
a bird raises its newspaper wings and sings.

Fusepo story 1
10th July, 2013

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