Thursday, February 13, 2014

Applying what I've learnt in life drawing

Earlier in the week I heard that I will be showing some work at Stowhealth, a local health centre that has rotating arts events.
I showed in their innaugural show, quite a few years ago.  It's fascinating to look at your work in the context of 'what will I show?' 

What I noticed as I looked over my more recent work was that because my monotypes aren't a feature of what I'll call my 'finished work', I haven't been drawing interiors or stilllife much, both of which are pretty central to my work. Once I made that connection, I wanted to begin, applying what I've been doing in life drawing with those other motifs.  

When I went to see Jo, my wonderful artist friend, framer, we chose one of these new interiors with figure.  I didn't scan it but this is today's little drawing.  When I got stuck I looked at Dorothy Eisner.

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