Monday, May 13, 2013

Enough inspiration to last 'til summer...

Maine in the off-season has a different kind of light.  The colours are different, surprising, more fleeting. Some trees feel positively asian as they bud.  The houses need painting. 
It's quieter and there is more time, fewer people, more rain, a different pace altogether. 

When most everything was done, I spent far too much time hovering over images on Pinterest, my new toy, but I also went out to the barn, quite cold in the off-season, and arranged my supplies.  
There was a tatty piece of shelf liner that made it into my plastic stash and in a frenzied moment I tried it out. It is the melon colour and did you know a straw can be ironed flat?

There's some travel ahead and I have the sad feeling that the summer is over when it hasn't even arrived yet.  I have the sense that perhaps that prick of loss is a good thing and will inspire me, along with the light and the colour and the beautiful objects that are so familiar but that I forget in between. Spending time with my artist mother will stand me in good stead for the next few months.

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