Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Complacencies of the peignoir

soft pastel on paper 22 x 24cm 

It's easy to avoid things that others scorn. And then I read Messum's catalogue about Nancy DeLouis - she has an upcoming exhibition there and I have to admit feeling affected by her view of the world, a 'feminine' view. It's easy to think you need to change and go a different direction even when you get a thrill out of decorative work.  It's easy to see yourself as dated (rehashing) and then you talk to a few fellow women artists and feel that little bit more confident. 

I've been getting up early and enjoying those hours of the day before anyone else has risen.  I want to do everything, read, write and draw immediately and at the same time. It's often the everyday that take me in.


That hour between
fill of day,
nothing of night
milky, lemon zest
stolen before
morning peeled
from night
Ideas that feel
like balancing stones
Hope’s black, cold, clear
watery worlds Those
glazed limpet walls,
smooth, brittle lazuli
beads of dawn. 

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