Wednesday, October 17, 2012

What is an Epistolarium?

Was asked by Theresa at The Letter Project to consider the epistolarium. Monday morning I ranted: Try reading it with one breath.

Episolarium Rant

A room with a view
solarium, aquarium, agrarian
Place where ideas grow
weave, weft, hook
Paper words
between people
More practical than missiles
or pistols
Plural, equal, altered
born, hatched, spawned
Epistolarium ovarian
women words
organic shapes
Victorian? Matissian?
hothouse determination
Uprising of letters
an anti-Lariam, epistolarium
a community
of eco egos
Epicenter of postal prodding
to the edges of knowing and beyond

This morning the epistolarium woke me up. 

Epistolarium of my mind

Waking me
shaking me
sheet-shimmying me

Levitating liberating
translating my days

Hemisphere within

letters hanging
words colliding

Winking smiling
Spinning its trance

A monotype  made on a mirror (Akua Kolor and Akua Intaglio).

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